Italian lemonades
orange, grapefruit
20 cl
Estonian Öun lemonades
apple, rhubarb 
33 cl  
Mjuk Kombucha
classic, mint
33 cl5,50
Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic
20 cl3,00
Fentimans Rose lemonade20 cl3,50
Fentimans curiosity cola
 20 cl  3,50
Lurisia water33 cl / 75 cl2,50 / 4,00
orange, pineapple, apple, tomato
25 cl / 40 cl  2,50 / 3,50


Evergreen apple
Rosmary-apple cocktail with light citrus note
40 cl5,00
Glow of Dawn
Tropical orange-pineapple-lime cocktail
40 cl5,00
Aperol Spritz
Aperol, Prosecco, sparkling water
Señora Rosa
Lord Ashton's gin, Rose lemonade
Campari, Martini Rosso, Tanqueray Dry gin
Kuldmokk Gin&Tonic                                                        
Distilliruim Metsis gin, Mediterranean tonic
Tom Collins
Lemon juice, Lord Ashton's gin, sparkling water
Curiosity Rum Cola
Light rum and Curiosity cola
Crafters London Dry Gin (43%)4 cl4,50
Crafters Aromatic Flower Gin (44,3%)4 cl5,00
Distillirium Metsis Gin (44%)4 cl6,00
Tohi Nordic Dry Gin (43%) 4 cl5,50
Bulldog London Dry Gin (40%)4 cl5,50
The Real McCoy 3YO Rum (40%)4 cl 5,50
The Real McCoy 5YO Rum, dark (40%) 4 cl6,00
Moe vodka (40%)4 cl4,00
Snow Queen vodka (40%)4 cl5,50
Poli Grappa Sarpa (40%)4 cl 6,00
Limoncello Kuldmokk (~35%)4 cl5,00
Poli Miele Grappa (35%)4 cl5,00
Grand Mariner (40%)4 cl5,00
Black currant & Pepper 4 cl
Carpano Dry, Vermouth (18%)8 cl6,00
Martini Rosso, Vermouth (18%)8 cl6,00
Maxime Trijol VSOP Grande Champagne (40%)4 cl7,00
Maxime Trijol XO Grande Champagne (40%) 4 cl
Chateau du Breuil Calvados VSOP (40%)4 cl6,00
Glendalaugh Double Barrel Ireland (42%)4 cl5,50
Öun, apple cider, Estonia (5%)33 cl6,00
Purtse, Kämp, lager, Estonia (4,7%)33 cl5,00
Hpster, Pearu IPA, IPA, Estonia (6,5%)33 cl5,50
Hopster, Frida, Tropical Witbie, Estonia (6%)33 cl5,50
Pühaste, Madame Butterfly, Amber, Estonia (6%)33 cl5,00
Mikkeller, Hair in the mailbox IPA, Denmark (6,3%)33 cl6,00
Oud Beersel, Oude Geuze Vieille, Belgium (6,5%)33 cl9,50
Mikkeller, alc. free, Denmark (0,3%)33 cl5,50
Tori Ciderfarm Rhubarb Sparkling Dry
Tori, Estonia
33, 3 cl9,50
Champagne Dehours Grande Reserve Brut NV (Organic)37,5 cl30,00
Champagne J. Lassaigne Le Vignes de Montgeux Blanc de Blancs, Extra Brut NV (Bio)75 cl56,00
Champagne Jacquesson 741 Extra Brut NV (Bio)75 cl70,00
Champagne Dehours Lieu Dit "Brisefer" Extra Brut, Vintage
2008 (Bio)
75 cl75,00
Loimer Grosse Reserve Brut Nature
2013, Blanc de Blancs, Kamptal, Austria
75 cl45,00
Calmel Joseph Cremant de Limoux Brut NV
AOC, Limoux, France
75 cl32,00
Bortolin Angelo Prosecco Superiore Extra Dry Valdobbiadene
DOCG 2018, Veneto, Italy
75 cl31,00
Bohigas Cava Brut Reserva NV
DO Cava, Penedes, Spain (Organic)
75 cl27,00
Raventos i Blanc de Nit Rosé
Macabeu, Parellada, Xarello, Monastrell
2014 Penedes, Spain
75 cl
Pinot Grigio
Pinot Grigio, Villa Angoris,
DOC 2017, Friuli, Italy
37,5 cl15,00
Gavi Di Gavi
Gavi, Villa Sparina
DOCG 2015, Piemonte, Italy
37,5 cl20,00
Riesling Trocken "Deidesheimer" Von Buhl (Bio)
VDP 2015, Pfalz, Germany
75 cl34,00
Riesling "Les Jardins", Domaine Ostertag (Bio)
AOC 2016, Alsace, France
75 cl39,00
Wiener Grüner Veltliner,Wieninger (Bio)
2018, Vienna, Austria
75 cl29,00
"Naked" (Organic)
Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Heinrich
2017, Burgenland, Austria
75 cl28,00
Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur lie
Domaine de la Chauviniere
AOP 2017, Loire, France
75 cl22,00
Pouilly-Fume Les Duchess
Sauvignon Blanc, Domaine Laporte
AOC 2017, Lore, France
75 cl42,00
Coltilde Davenne
AOC 2016, Burgundy, France
75 cl39,00
Terret Blanc
Villa Blanche
IGP pays d'OC, Languedoc, France
75 cl24,00
Xarello (Natural)
Xarello, Can Sumoi
DO 2017, Catalonia, Spain
75 cl30,00
Garnacha Blanca (Bio)
Botijo Blanco
IGP 2017,Valdejalon, Spain 
75 cl
Grenache Rosé
Grenache, Villa Blanche
IGP 2017, Pays d´OC, France
75 cl24,00
Pinot (Bio)
Burgenland, Austria 
75 cl29,00
Terrasses du Larzac
MSG, Calmel & Joseph
AOP 2016, Languedoc, France
75 cl28,00
"Bugiardo" Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore
DOC 2013, Veneto, Itaalia
75 cl
Tre Roveri Barbera d'asti Superiore
Barbera, Pico Maccario
DOCG 2016, Piedmonte, Italy
75 cl36,00
Barolo Parussi Riserva
DOCG 2013, Veneto, Italy
75 cl89,00
"Lagone" Aia Vecchia
IGT 2016, Bolgheri, Tuscany, Italy 
12 cl / 75 cl 28,00
Cantine Menhir DOC 2016, Puglia, Italy
75 cl32,00
Telescopico Carinena (Bio)
Bodegas Frontonio
IGP 2016, Valdejalon, Spain 
75 cl
Pedra Forca, Cuevas de Arom (Bio)
Carnacha, Syrah
DO Campo de Borja 2016, Spain
75 cl
Vinhas Velhas Grande Reserva
Castello D'Alba, Douro
DOC 2015, Portugal

75 cl39,00
Põltsamaa Kuldne
Apple Wine
2011, Põltsamaa, Estonia 
75 cl28,00
Conde De Monsul
Tawny Port
Duoro, Portugal
75 cl
2,00 / 3,00
Americano 2,00 / 3,00
Cappuccino 3,00 / 3,80
Cafe Latte
3,00 / 4,00
* 50 cents will be added when making coffee with vegan milk.
Our espresso is made of 75% Ethiopia and 25% Guatemala mix from Kaffa Roastery  - a wonderful enjoyable balanced coffee. You can taste different fruits and dark chocolate. We use Kaffa Roastery special roasts’ to make filter cofees (Hario and Chemex). Ask about it from our staff!
Il Modicano raw chocolate from Sicily
Classic, cinnamon, chilli, vanilla
Served in a cup for one or in a jug for two.
Mate Lemongrass 
Stimulative green maté-tea with fresh lemon nuance. Spiced with lemongrass, lemon peel and mint offering energy and freshness for the hole day.
Water temperature 70-75°C, braised 4-7 min.

2,00 / 4,00
Apple pieces, nettle, orange peel, peppermint, blackcurrant leaves, papaya and pineapple pieces and cornflower leaves.
Water temperature 100°C, braised 5 min.

2,00 / 4,00
Calendula Rooibos
Tender rooibos tea with calendula blossoms. Aroma has tropical fruits and rhubarb scents.
Water temperature 95°C, braised 7-10 min

2,00 / 4,00
Black Rhubarb
Classical black tea with pieces of rhubarb.
Water temperature 97°C, braised 3-4 min.
2,00 / 4,00
Darjeeling Broken Singtom
Fruity taste black Indian tea from the second harvest.
Water temperature 95°C, braised 3 min. .

2,50 / 5,00
Pai Mun Tan
“White peony”. Paimutan is white tea mix from Fujiani county, China that has gems and leaves from Dabai and Shuixiani bushes. Tea leaves will keep their original shape during braising. It is yellowishwhite, tender and aromatic. Low on caffeine.
Water temperature 70-75°C, braised 7 min

2,50 / 5,00
Green Jasmine
Green tea with young jasmine blossoms has soft and fresh flouerish taste. Water temperature 75°C, braised 2,5-3 min.
2,50 / 5,00
Fresh Mint Tea
Fresh peppermint or mint is refreshing on any season.
Water temperature 100°C, braised 4 min.

2,50 / 5,00
Milk Oolong
Light vanilla scented Chinese oolong tea braised in a goat milk is interesting and distinguishable. Oolong is also called blue-green tea.
Water temperature 90°C, braised 1-2 min.

3,00 / 6,00
Spiced Chocolate Chai
Sweet and spicy rooibos tea is spiced with ginger, canella, pineapple, cardamom, clove and anise seeds. Also white chocolate chips and goji berries are added. Tastes good with some milk. Water temperature 95°C, braised 5-10 min.
3,00 / 6,00