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Vannivette võib lisada ka mineraalsoolasid, et aidata kaasa keha puhastumisele. Sarcoidosis is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms often resemble other diseases.

Sarcoidosis is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms often resemble other diseases. There is no single or specific test to diagnose slare liigesed. A detailed history and examination by your doctor is the most important first step in diagnosing sarcoidosis.

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They will determine which parts of your body may be affected. Blood tests Your doctor may arrange blood tests to look for signs of inflammation, to slare liigesed your kidney and liver function, and your calcium levels. They may also check a marker in your blood called angiotensin-converting enzyme ACEwhich is sometimes raised in patients with sarcoidosis. Kopsud If your doctor suspects your lungs may be affected, they will usually arrange a chest X-ray and breathing tests slare liigesed.

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Skaneerib Your doctor may also arrange imaging scans CT scan or PET CT scan to look for other parts of your body that may be affected but might not be causing you any symptoms. The scans will look for inflammation granulomas.

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Biopsia In order to help make a definite diagnosis of sarcoidosis a sample of tissue a biopsy is taken from one of the areas of inflammation granuloma using a bronchoscopy. Slare liigesed sarcoidosis can affect many different parts of the body, your doctor may ask other specialists who specialise in the part of your body affected by sarcoidosis to look after you as well.

SarcoidosisUK has further information on all the different types of sarcoidosis, please use the menu above to find the best information for you. In others, the condition persists and may require some treatment.


In the minority of patients that develop a more serious form of the disease, more aggressive and prolonged treatment is sometimes required. A much smaller proportion of patients present with life-threatening symptoms, particularly in those with pulmonary fibrosis lung scarring or heart or neurological involvement.

Sarkoidoosi ravi There is currently no known cure for sarcoidosis. Treatment is often slare liigesed for patients whose sarcoidosis is causing severe symptoms or is preventing the affected organ s from functioning normally. Sometimes simple painkillers paracetamol or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen may help to ease the symptoms.

The drugs used to treat sarcoidosis do so by reducing inflammation in the body. These are known as immunosuppressants. The most commonly used drugs are corticosteroids.


These can be taken as a tablet prednisolone or given at a higher dose via a vein methylprednisone. Treatment with corticosteroids is often required for at slare liigesed 6 to 24 months. Sometimes corticosteroids may not be completely effective, or cause side effects.

Other immunosuppressants may be used, either alone or in combination, to help reduce the steroid dose. These medications include Methotrexate, Azathioprine and Mycophenolate.

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Kroonilisi sarkoidoosi juhtumeid saab tavaliselt kontrollida ravimitega. Harvadel juhtudel on mõnedel patsientidel vaja hapnikku ja kopsu. Samamoodi võib südamele või selle lähedale tekitatav kahju nõuda südamestimulaatorit või muud ravi. Teised ravimeetodid võivad olla vajalikud ka siis, kui silmad slare liigesed nahk on liigesed ja nende haigus mõjutatud.

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Palun vaadake konkreetseid lehekülgi, kasutades ülaltoodud menüüd, et saada lisateavet teatud tüüpi sarkoidoosi ravi kohta. This may be triggered by stress, illness or nothing slare liigesed.

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Make sure you eat healthily, pace yourself, talk to friends and family and recognise mental health problems. Page last updated: August Next review: August Seotud sisu SarcoidosisUK:.