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Elmani sõnul võiks seda rolli täita neuroloog, esmatasandi arst või valu leevendav arst. This exhibition is extremely popular with the visitors of the town and held already for the 23rd time. In additions to runners the kids, walkers and Nordic walkers are welcome, too.

He was most impressed by the way he was welcomed by the director of the Pärnu City Orchestra, Mr. Tõiv Tiits, and by Helen Erastus.

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Never have felt so welcome. Fraters is a 10 minute composition written in s for an ensemble.

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The famous cellist was invited here by conductor Kaisa Roose, who has stood in front of all professional Danish symphony orchestras and performed as a guest conductor in Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Ireland, Costa Rica and Ecuador. Kullberg performed cello solo in Cello Concerto No 1 by Dmitri Shostakovich, which is widely considered to be technically one of the most difficult great masterpieces for cello.

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Before the performance in Estonia, Kullberg played the same repertoire in Lithuania with the Warsaw Symphony Shook ja valus liigesed. He is currently working with the orchestra on two CD recording projects comprising two cello concertos by Shostakovich and compositions of Kaija Saariaho from Finland and Per Nørgård from Denmark. Kullbergs collaboration with Per Nørgård is a unique and close one: the composer has composed and shook ja valus liigesed numerous works to him.

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Jakob Kullberg also enjoys good working relationships with Saariaho — this collaboration is one of the reasons why Kullberg resides currently in Paris.

Apart from collaboration projects with the BBC philharmonics, Kullberg is managing the career of a young Danish guitarist Jakob Bangsø, and is planning to record his works on a wider scale.

In Estonia Kullberg has established a connection with Tallinn Chamber Orchestra and he is coming with Jakob Bangsø next year to Estonia to perform with the orchestra.

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Those concerts will also be conducted by Kaisa Roose, who directed Kullbergs performance with the Pärnu City Orchestra. Next year Kullberg intends to visit Tallinn at least two to three times, because he has already a number of plans with Estonian musicians. As for what he has experienced and witnessed in Estonia, Kullberg liked our people most.

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He also enjoyed the meals he was having. Before his visit Kullberg had heard the legend about the Danish flag falling from the sky over Tallinn. This happened allegedly in the first half of the 13th century, when Danish King Valdemar II held a battle in the old town of Tallinn. Does he dream of something else besides music?

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And at those rare moments, when he has a feeling that music alone is not enough, Kullberg grabs a good book to read. He began his high school studies over 20 years ago at the Royal Academy of Music in Jutland. After graduating, he moved to the Netherlands in order to study at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, after that to Croatia to study at the Zagreb Academy of Music.

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Kullberg took his masters degree at the London Royal Academy of Music and then private lessons from a professor in Vienna. Then he moved back to Denmark and, as the life of a musician means constant learning, continued his studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

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Jakob Kullberg lives currently in Paris and is one of the most active young Danish instrumentalists. He has gained international appraisal and attention for his interpretations of contemporary cello concertos.

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Kullberg has played solo cello with many noted orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ensemble Intercontemporain, which is one of the leading ensembles focused on contemporary music.

Kullberg has won several international solo and chamber music competitions and is twice a winner of the Danish Grammy.

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