Kuldmokk's menu is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine. We offer tastes from all the shores of the Mediterranean sea - Europe, North-Africa and Middle-East. Besides regular menu, we have menu for kids and soon going to have a menu for vegans. For bigger events we compile a special menu, please write to us about your wishes restoran@kuldmokk.ee.

Foccacia breads with different coverings            (T)                    artichoke cream with asparagus, slightly dried tomatoes with mozzarella, prosciutto and pesto, tunacream with roasted capers

6 / 11
Tapas style dishes to share     to go with wine or starter. Choose three or four, enough to share                                                                                 - arancini balls /Sicilian rice balls with stuffing/ with prosciutto and spinach           GL 
- zuccini and fig     V, VG, L, GL                                                        - squash and pecorino                                                                    
- frog legs and lemon, pickeled onion and onion crisps              - shrimps and  mayo                                                                        - eggplant and chilli        V, VG, L, GL             
5 - 6

Beetroot and burrata                  T, GL                                    Soft Italian buffalo milk cheese, long roasted beetroot, pistachios, olive oil dressing


Turkey liver              GL, L                                                 

fried liver with port wine sauce, with red cabbage, pear and apricot warm salad on the side


Trout-confit             GL                                                      

on low temperature in olive oil cooked trout fillet with marinated mini beetroots, -apples, -radichio                            coal potatoes and herbal aioli

Butternut squash soup                 V, VG,GL, L                               warming soup with ginger and orange, Italian pumpkin seed oil, seeds, roasted sage and lentil crisp

Bouiabaisse, fisherman soup from Marseilles        GL,L             flavourful fish broth enriched with saffron, includes fennel, mussels, vongole and fish

Mussels (L),GL                                                                        Dijon mustard and cream sauce     

Pasta and fresh pesto                 V(VG, GL, L)                            linguini, Kuldmokk arugula pesto, pine nuts, Grana Padano parmesan

Pasta and rabbit                                                                         pappardelle eggpasta with Toscana style rabbit ragout and apple-taste sauce

Artichoke stew      V,VG, GL, L                                              

artichoke, potatoes, carrots, mushroom and tomato broth with harissa and herbs seasoning


Beef cheek                                                                            

slow cooked beef cheek meat , creamywhole grains with ering and portobello mushrooms, roasted carrots and red wine sauce


Pike perch      GL                                                                        fried pike with green lentil-zuccini-carrot warm salad and beurre blanc



trout with cucumber salad 5
Pasta with meatballs in cheese sauce 5
Lemon tart 6

Chocolate moca pot                   GL            


Homemade icecream:  

cream and orange-bergamot        GL   


blackberry sorbet                             V                     

Cheese. Selection of cheeses:  Manchego, Comte, Tallegio, Kuldmokk rowanberry honey      8
*All prices include VAT