Liigu sisu juurde

She was raked, and patterns put in from hour to hour; at five she was come to work; she was afterwards served with lime, and raked to preserve her till she was to be re-heated. All this time the vat was well covered, that it might the better retain its heat, for the hotter she is, the better she dyes, and when cold acts no more. It is certain that the colours of the false dye have that defect only because the subject is not sufficiently prepared; so that the colouring particles being only deposited on its plain surface, it is impossible but the last action of the air or sun must deprive them of part, if not of the whole. The Chinese pretend that they owe the discovery of it to Hoan-ti, one of their first sovereigns. If the vat be in good order at the first opening, three or four stirrings may be made, and the next day, two or three more; only observing not to hurry her, or to work her as strong as at first.

sustav trauma kuunarnukis

Tuhandes sosinas valgusest tõin ilmale kaalukausil tukkuva hinge. Kiht kihilt koorus peitemängu maha, ma tundsin, kuidas alla voolas värv.

kuidas ravida valu sormeliigese jala

Ja sulas ümber luude tukslev vaha ja selles kaoses katkes viimne närv. Täiskuu rind hurt spin vesi üle südame pesi minu raamatu raame.

Hingekarjus (English translation)

Mu hingel oli valus samamoodi, kui siis, mil katnud seda oli rind. Ja pööreldes käis mööda tuba voodi, kus unevalus nutmas nägid mind.

infofotosid liigestes

Aeg neelas alla halvaksläinud õhtud ja mälestused, millel kasvas tolm. Ja kõigist, kes mu küsimusist tehtud, jäi päevatõusuks alles ainult kolm. In a thousand whispers, I brought from the light a soul pondering on a scalepan.

pillide liigeste poletik

In the light of the full moon, water over my heart washed the frames of my book. The wind tore patches away, as I stood in the cold night rain, from my wax-shade skin. All seemed so simple and a cuckoo sang in my unthawed brain.

tuhi vagede ravi

Carried by the full moon, I rose up in the gentle light of the full moon, wrote my heart out on my mouth. Layer by layer the pretense was shed, I felt the paint come off.

liigeste ravi on haruldane

And the wax surging around my bones was melted and in this chaos, the last of my nerves was severed.